"Memoria Περιπατος"

Memoria (From memor (“mindful, remembering”)) Peripatos(The walk in the Lyceum where Aristotle taught.).

The name Memoria Peripatos, together, means "Mindful Walk", relating to Aristotle and is the philosophic model or mission of the entire site itself, which is to accompany you on your walk towards higher and greater knowledge, no matter the topic, no matter your ideals, we dare you to think and know more than you already do. Simply put we believe that it is only when you question everything and dig deep into the roots of various subjects and come to your sense of a logical induction about things you will proceed through life logically and smarter than you were yesterday. In an age of oversensitivity and political correctness we have forsaken knowledge for ignorance, we have criminalized intelligence in turn for how one feels, We have sacrificed our constitution, silenced the vox populi, and made it hard for everyday people to express their opinions in the public forum without recieving punishment or being subject to public ridicule

Who Owns This Site?

This site is ran and created by I.

How can I contact you?

As of right now we have no way for you to reach out, but we plan on providing ways soon.

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Are you guys alt-right/alt-left?

We subscribe to no political catergory/group. Knowledge knows no political choice, so we hold none.
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